The 9th Directive Press Release

Press Release
November 14, 1966


THE 9TH DIRECTIVE, Adam Hall's sequel to The Quiller Memorandum -- which The New York Times called "the most effective spy novel of 1965," which Kingsley Amis described as "the best spy novel of the year," which the Mystery Writers of America named the best book of the year -- will be published by Simon and Schuster on January 9th.
     Set in Bangkok, this new novel opens as Quiller is cajoled, bullied, and then tricked into accepting an assignment he wants none of, working under a field director he despises, ordered to thwart an assassination by committing one equally as brutal, and then, in the middle of the action, having his assignment completely reversed in a manner as shattering to Quiller as it is to the reader.
     The novel has the same pace and tone as his previous book, The Quiller Memorandum, characterized by one reviewer as "a masterpiece . . . entirely equal to The Spy Who Came In From The Cold and Funeral in Berlin, and by John Dickson Carr, in Harper's, as "One of the best spy novels I have ever read," and by Anthony Boucher, in The New York Times, as "a grand exercise in ambivalence and intricacy, tense and suspenseful at every moment, with fascinating complex characters, unusual plausibility in detailing the professional mechanics of espionage, and a genuine uncompromising toughmindedness comparable to LeCarré's."
     THE 9TH DIRECTIVE will be published at the same time the motion picture The Quiller Memorandum, starring Alec Guinness, Julie Christie, George Segal, and Max von Sydow is released.

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